Medic8 dental lab is a quality oriented full-service laboratory capable of providing our international clients with flawless craftsmanship and personalized services.
The Dental Lab work we provide is Type A work.

Medic8 dental lab is equipped with digital dentistry that can receive digital impressions from doctors and print them with the 3D printer – Designs are done manually or built using CAD/CAMs’ software and the products are produced by the milling machines.
Our team of professional dental technicians are not only skilled but work on improving their results through continuous practice and trainings.

Medic8 lab provide restorative and aesthetic services for dentists on a local and international level. Our team believes that satisfied patients needing crucial restorations or even seeking a smile makeover are the best source of referrals for the dentists.
We work together along with our customers to satisfy the patients’ needs from the aesthetic and medical point of view.

Medic8 Aligners: