About us

About us


about us

Working in complete synergy, our medical practitioners were handpicked by the finest consultants in order to form the ultimate medical team. Operating in complete harmony, our doctors are dedicated primarily to your wellbeing.

Our consultations are extensive and personalized in order to effectively tackle the roots of your discomfort so as to ease and eradicate it.
Adhering to international health and safety standards, Medic8 provides its patients with a selection of Lebanon’s finest human capital, the latest technological advances and state-of-the-art medical equipment, all set in harmonious surroundings and catered by friendly staff.

our clinic

MEDIC8 continuously thrives to offer the most advanced technological equipment and treatment. We constantly aim to improve our current practices in order to better serve our patients.

The serene clinic was designed internally by one of Beirut’s finest interior architects, Sari El-Khazen. El-Khazen worked alongside Medic8’s principles and respected its essence by crafting a beautiful space, decorated with bright and modern furniture and embellished with a set of tranquil blue, white and grey color tones.

our mission

Medic8 is a polyclinic for medical consultations and in-house treatments in the various medical and dental practices we provide. We are committed to offer our outpatients, and their family members residing in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East, the most up-to-date personalized medical treatments.

Our patients looking to improve their image can do so in various areas with the consultation of our in-house professionals, resulting in an overall complete treatment highlighting their enhancements.

our vision

Medic8 aims to become the primary medical choice for elite patients and others aligned with our mission, values and goals.
Moreover, Medic8 aspires to become the key player in fostering preventive medicine as well as raising health awareness.

values and core competencies

Medic8 reinforces its competitive edge with the following components:
•  The selection of homogenous, integrated and synergetic family-oriented services
•  The quality and reliability of healthcare providers
•  The in-house, state of the art technological equipment, complying with the ISO standards and requirements of health, cleanliness and safety
•  The personalized medical treatment, follow-up procedures and extra-hours availability to clients
•  The patient-oriented staff and friendly office environment
•  The in-house dedication to build awareness, education and medical publications

All of these factors result in client satisfaction.