Oral Surgery and Implants

Oral surgery is one of the most important and delicate dental specialties in oral surgery, which focuses on artificially modifying your dentition.

Our doctors practice a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery with their expertise ranging from:
Oral Surgery

An implant is an artificial root consisting of a cylinder and the suprastructure of a fixed crown or a removable dental prosthesis. They replace missing teeth and provide a strong hold for dental prosthesis. Inserting an implant requires a minor surgical procedure to anchor the cylinder firmly in the bone.

Dental implants

At Medic8, we have the latest laser technology. With Biolase, its 940nm wavelength, developed exclusively for dentistry, is better absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin than other wavelengths, so the ezlase cuts efficiently at lower power and with less heat.

Laser therapy technology lebanon

with the help of periodontic dentistry, we redesign your gingival display and the ratio between your tooth and gum display to enhance your smile.