Medic8 kids for your child's checkups

Because at Medic8 we believe that a person’s wellbeing starts a very yearly age, we have thought of offering you Medic8 kids for your child’s checkups and follow ups in the field of

1- dentistry
2- dermatology
3- dietetics.

It’s no secret that children have a habit of surprising you with tooth decays and skin allergies, not to mention their long hours playing video games and sitting behind a screen, which eventually takes its toll on their eye sight.

By scheduling routine checkups, you will help your child achieve an improved overall balance and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Your child won’t have to deal with imitated skin or acne breakouts anymore,

they won’t need to strain their eyes to see clearer

they will learn how to maintain good oral health while following a healthy diet that will have them stick to a more balanced, five food groups per day menu.

Because we care about your family’s wellbeing, we encourage you to take action and schedule preventive dental and medical check- ups, in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle and avoid future emergencies.