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Ezlase Diode Dental Lazer, CAD/CAM, KODAK RVG 6100/5100 X-RAY, Carestream Dental CS8100, Mocom®.
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“EPIC™ is more than just a soft tissue laser: it whitens teeth and is also used for pain therapy. EPIC™ is the only Diode laser in the USA that has been cleared for three unique therapy modes: soft tissue surgery, whitening, and pain therapy. Its technology and mode of use is versatile and operates through a one-of-a-kind touchscreen interface.

EPIC™ offers the most precise control of tissue cutting for different procedures and tissue biotypes while ensuring the optimum level of comfort to the patients. The ezlase offers the most precise control of tissue cutting for different procedures and tissue biotypes. Dentists and clinicians can choose from the widest selection of tip lengths and diameters.The ezlase uses better bendable tips for better access to all areas, and offers single-use disposable tips for quick, convenient treatment, and improved cleanliness.

EPIC™ whitening is an ideal teeth-whitening solution that ensures great results in the field of cosmetic dentistry. EPIC™ pain therapy relieves pain of minor pain in the oral maxillofacial region.”

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CEREC is the unique CAD/CAM system for patient individual all-ceramic restorations in one single appointment. Together with CEREC you come quickly and safely to the desired results for both you and your patients: aesthetic restorations.

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Providing state of the Art Imaging Technology. The RVG 6100 system boasts the highest true image resolution, helping dentists to achieve the upmost precision in both complex and routine examinations.

KODAK RVG 6100/5100 X-RAY technology lebanon

The CS 8100 sets new standards for flexibility. It delivers vivid, true to life 3D renderings to help your dentist diagnose your case more accurately than ever. It features the widest array of 3D programs in the market, the all-in-one system provides unprecedented diagnostic capabilities with a range of programs adapting to various individuals’ needs.

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At Medic8, we use the best technology to insure that our operating environments are disinfected and sterile according to the international health and safety standards.

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“The latest Castellini technology offers our dentists the choice between two types of instrument control panels, which control the patient’s chair’s equipment and movements for increased comfort. The excellent maneuverability of all Medic8’s Skema6 Castellini dental units, helps maintain a natural and correct posture at all times throughout procedures. The seats are of increased practicality and comfort and the medical devices are equipped with video cameras and LCD monitors, which favor a more integrated dental unit of communication. The equipment’s multifunctional and highly practical instruments are designed to brilliantly and safely meet the requirements of not just conservative but also prosthetic and endodontic dentistry, implantology and any other surgical applications.”

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